Ted Todd hardwood flooring

The hardwood floor you want for your building - your home, your office, even for your castle - is almost certainly here. And when you make the decision to buy, you will have the pleasure and comfort of knowing you have made an investment that appreciates in worth, lasts a lifetime, and makes an important statement about your values, from environmental concern to aesthetic taste.

The traditional flooring choice, each plank in these ranges is a single piece of solid wood, expertly cut to varied lengths and widths, sometimes bevelled and enhanced by a range of finishes. Solid hardwood floors feel firm and substantial underfoot. They are hardwearing and resilient, can be re-sanded many times and can last well over 100 years. A key characteristic is what Ted Todd refer to as 'shape', by which they mean how the wood lays. Solid wood does not sit flat on the floor; it has living form and subtle contours which respond to the environment and create a gentle but noticeable sensation underfoot.